Friday, February 27, 2009

You need to get rid of your car

Hey! I just wanted to say how much I Love riding the Max. I gets me everywhere I want to go, and it's free.
Look at that sucker. She has to pay to park her SUV. See, life is much less stressful for the bear who is free of wheels!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bear takes Max for a ride

I boarded the Max and eased on down to P-Town for some adventure.Lots of peeps on the Max today! We love it because it's FREE! FREEEE!First stop: grab a hot beverage at my favorite coffee spot. AAAHHHH I'm a bear with my coffee...How now?I took a seat in the Virginia cafe, to slam some vittles. I took the window seat so I could keep an eye out for strangeness. It is always afoot.Food!And in no time, that sandwich was gone! The cafe was having a "napkin sketching" contest today...So I tried to think of something cool to sketch. Me being an artist and all...Well, I was short on inspiration, so I just sketched a calling card of sorts...Shameless self promotion!The Virginia Cafe has moved around town a bit in the last 100 years, but it now exists across the street from the library.Next, I take Patty to the gym downtown. She needs it. Because I am a bear,I had to hide here in this locker until Patty was through working out. Smelly lockers...At last, I take my seat on the Max. Time to head home for a night of relaxing tea and candles...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Donuts and a new Pony

I went to voodoo donut with my pals Wes and Patty.
These are some crazy donuts!
After the donuts, Wes and Patty picked up a new pal. His name is "Rody" and I am not sure if I like him yet.
Rody on the ride to his new home.
lionel just hung out and waited for us to come home...The boys do not know what perils await them at the hands of "Rody"!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Can't wait for 'tines...

Once I was at the beach. But I was afraid to run buck wild. I thought someone would laugh at my fir. I needed my woobie!
Woob was kind enough to put a towel down for me. The hot sand burns my tender fur...
I would give the world to have a woob for 'tines...
When Wes starts to act up or misbehave, I swat him. This is the best method to keep him from acting woobish.
My friend Wes is coming up this week. Maybe we will go to Seattle, or perhaps we will go skiing.