Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gatos loose in the world!

Wendel is ready to hit the town in his new Caddy. He just gets so cooped up...
"Got all my toys..."
So away we go! The world is a fascinating new place for us!
We are very safe in here, but we can still see everything. And we don't have to do the walking! Spoiled we are...
We scope out what is going down in our environs. We know what you are up to!
Well, we managed to get through the hood undetected, but we took in alot of info. We just chilled and were enjoying the sights! But enough now...
We want to come in now!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Quad chows down and visits the chucklepatch

I like buffalo wings. Now I know the ones at applebees are not the world's best...
But I've got one right next door, so I can't help it!
I love flowers. I especially like Xinias. Here I happened upon a pink bunch of them!
It's good to get a real close look at them.
They don't really have a smell, but they are the perfect example of a pure and simple flower. The kind of flower you color in your coloring book!
Here I am examining one particular specimen....
Wow! I'm really getting surrounded by these guys now! I'm getting scared! Need to Flee!!
I am waiting by my mailbox everyday for some "Postal Affection"....

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Connected Bear

I have been chatting with all of my friends about the news of the world. We are sad so many cool people are passing away. But we know this happens. We cherish every day of our lives as a gift, because that's what it is!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Just hiding out

Sometimes, I just like to fade into the woodwork.I am gonna sit in my little tree hole hideout and be lazy this weekend. I am wiped out from alot of adventuring and have very little energy. I am trying to come up with a good indoor hobby for when it is not nice out. I like to keep myself entertained...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Quad surfs the web

When I am bored I like to surf the web. Today I am reading about BEARS!

Let there be light!

I was lurking on the beach one day, looking for sea life.
I spotted something large and different looking in the distance!My bearish curiosity had me headed right for it...
And as I drew near...
I discovered it to be a lighthouse! Lighthouses are some of the coolest things you will find on the coast.But this lighthouse was not shining any light while I was here. This lighthouse needs to man up and SHINE!
Oh, well. Guess I will go back to my coastal lurking. Maybe I will find some delicious crab!

No free lunch at the falls!

I was napping in the woods when I got a little hungry. So I woke up and began to stir.
I had heard that there were waterfalls in the area, so I decided to find them!
Bears love to spend the day prowling around waterfalls...People come to visit, and leave behind vittles that we bears love to snack on.
I was hoping to score a free lunch here, but it looks like I will have to forget about it now...
It's a long way down from the top!
Come on people! Doesn't anyone even have a pastry they can't finish? A little debbie snak to spare?

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I was hungry today, and went forraging for vittles. I came across some pizza!
I love me some delicious Pizza!

Bear in the woods...

So, I was sitting in a tree in a nice spot in the bearwoods, and I thought it would be nice to get up the mountain and see the world from the very top!
I traveled up to Timberline lodge where there was not much snow, or any skiing to speak of.
I decided to snack on some vittles, perhaps some meatloaf or mac n cheese.
Later, I hit a pub or two. Nobody was skiing here either...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oregon Coast Bear on the Beach!

Dude! Let me jog with you!!!
I am on Vacation all this week. A Bear needs a break sometimes. While the wether may not seem fabulous, it is still good to get away to someplace you don't get to very often. Yesterday I went all the way to the Oregon coast! It is a beautful place...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Quad travels to Eugene for work

Well, Time to get behind the wheel again and head south.I am heading to Eugene Oregon.
I a going to send a story out all over the world, or maybe just a small part of it!
I know I look happy as I gather some video...
But the story was actually a sad one.
GPS is the way alot of folks find far away places nowadays. I don't use these, I go by sense of smell. I've got a powerful bear nose...
Sometimes I keep in touch with the radio. It always reminds me of the movie "Convoy".
On another note, I have been trying to save some money. A smart bear always puts some cash in the Piggy for a rainy day!
Been working on perfecting my stuffed pepper recipie. It is hard for a bear to be so close to a hot oven with a full coat of fur, but I manage...
This time I put mushrooms, tomato, and rice with spices inside. It smelled pretty good while it was in the oven!
Came out ok. Tasty!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Play time gets dangerous!

Quad just wanted to play with the boys...And Wendell pounced him out! "yow!"